history 106 assignment

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Prep Paper Assignment 

Read: Fairclough, “The Rise and Fall of Black Power”  BlackPower.pdf

Write: Assignment must be typed, double-spaced, with your name at the top
Write a paragraph that answers this question:

Does Adam Fairclough say that the Black Panthers were innocent victims?

Read Fairclough’s chapter about the Black Power movement and watch for the
point where he addresses this very question. Note that the question here is:
what is Fairclough’s view of the Black Panther’s responsibility for their fate, not
what others see as the reason. Do not use the Internet to find some approximate
answer to the question.

Write a paragraph of at least four sentences, including a topic sentence that
answers the question generally and relates to all of the sentences in the
paragraph. Use NO QUOTATIONS. Write your paragraph entirely in your own