Historical Development of FEMA and the All-Hazards Approach Timeline

The Anytown Historical Timeline provides a chronology of
disasters and emergencies in the United States (U.S.) that shaped the
development of the agencies, policies, and practices that dominate the field of
emergency management today. A brief historical survey demonstrates the
ever-evolving nature of this dynamic field as both the public and government
have continued to learn important lessons about preparedness, response, and
recovery via dealing with the unforeseeable consequences of unexpected

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Examine the timeline to become familiar with events that
have caused a shift in the development of emergency management. In particular,
focus on the development of the Federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA),
which has come to play the central role in emergency management in the U.S. The
development of FEMA has been incremental and complicated. While the timeline
includes some major events in the history of FEMA, many events are missing,
especially after the September 11th attacks of 2011. It is your job to research
the development of the agency and fill in the missing details on the timeline
to articulate the ways in which FEMA’s policies and procedures have come to
guide operations in your field at the state and local level, especially the
all-hazards approach.

Use the attached “Development of FEMA Timeline Template” to
complete the following:

Research the evolution of FEMA since the September 11th
attacks and create your own timeline, which details the development of the
agency up to the present day. What major changes have occurred in leadership,
organization, policies, procedures, etc. that have significantly impacted the

Provide the date, a description of each event, and briefly
explain the impact these events had on the development of FEMA and state and
local practices or procedures where applicable. Be sure to document events,
policies, or changes that you think have really driven the development of the
all-hazards approach on your timeline.

At the end of your timeline, define the all-hazards approach
and summarize the impact it has had on emergency planning in your local
community. Include a list of both the major benefits and major challenges of
the all-hazards approach.

Your completed timeline, a PowerPoint presentation, should
be 10-15 slides. Include an additional reference slide with 4-5 sources to
document your FEMA research.