HIST 1302 EXAM 2 Questions

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16. In what ways did rural and urban residents experience the Great Depression differently? What different solutions did the New Deal offer? Explain using specific examples.

17. Explain how the different world views of democracy/capitalism and communism influenced the “new world order” after World War II.

18. Pick two different groups (women, African Americans, Mexican Americans, or Japanese Americas) and provide examples on how their lives were affected by World War II.

19. Provide two detailed examples of how the conservative revival in the 1970s and 80s affected US culture, foreign policy, or US domestic politics. Your response should provide the example and then tell why and how the example relates to the conservative revival.

20. Explain how the Truman Doctrine (regarding of Containment of communism) lead to US involvement in the Vietnam War. Your response should define the Truman Doctrine and discuss the causes of the Vietnam War.

21. Explain what is meant when we say “You can change a law, but you can’t change a culture. You can only influence culture with the law” regarding the successes and failures of the Civil Rights Movements of the 1950s – 1970s. Be specific in your response, using one example of a Civil Rights law that changed the letter of the law, but not the cultural practices surrounding it.