Hiring Analysis


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Week One Theme – Climate of Diversity 


You are the Director of Marketing for a Operational Group (Annual Revenue of $200M) for a huge Global Company whose last year’s Revenue was almost $30B.  You report directly to the General Manager who is a Senior Vice President of the Company who is a operational executive responsible for both a operational (Group) and legal entity – separate company merged into the parent company.  In addition, you have a dotted line reporting responsibility to the Senior Vice President for Marketing, who is a staff executive in the Headquarters office located over 1,000 miles from your place of business and office. 

You have have a senior manager position vacancy in the Marketing department.  The vacancy developed as the result of the death (from cancer) of the previous person holding the position.  It is a position that is both responsible for generation of major customer revenue growth and customer satisfaction for the global market.  In this definition the global market includes the old Russia, the Far East (Vietnam and Singapore), India, and the Orient (Japan and Korea).  The travel required for fulfillment of these responsibilities would be approximately 50% of the time – in essence, a “road warrier” or more appropriate a “plane warrior.”  Salary is in the six digit ranges with associated benefits and two “gates” for bonuses or incentives.  The first gate relates to the individual’s performance in the form of “commissions” which would cap at $250,000 and the second gate is determined by two factors- percentage of revenue growth and organizational profit growth – which does not have a cap. 

Your operational General Manager has indicated that he “prefers” that you hire an individual that has at least 10 years experience in the industry, would be a external hire, (“we need to introduce fresh blood, new ideas and new innovative and creative solutions for our customers”); must be a female (corporate headquarters has recently begun a diversity initiative); have a professional demeanor; and be mature (final three candidates have to undergo psychologcial testing). He does not say the following but you know his acumen; it also, goes without saying that the final candidate must be approved by him.  You have three final candidates.  All have over 10 years experience in the industry; one is married and has two children – one four years old and another eight years ago (she has indicated that it would be appreciated if the company could assist with employment of her spouse as they are a family with two earners, her husband is an engineer); the other candidate, also, female, is recently divorced and has no children, and the third candidate, is a male.  All three candidates present a professional demeanor and their psychology testing has not indicated any “major” behavior issues.  In addition, all three have a very successful “track record” of accomplishments. 

Your Senior Vice President in Corporate headquarters has indicated that he has the person for the job.  He was passed over for promotion last year by a younger male but has been a great performer and productive to date.  The person is a male, middle age, with family (three kids still in school with one to graduate from high school within two years).  The Senior Vice President has hinted at the prospect that this person could be your “replacement” as you know that you are being considered for promotion which would more than likely be a position with the company back close to your home in Ohio.  (Your wife has indicated that she would love to get back close to home as her mother is beginning to have medical problems).  Or the possibility exists that another position for your promotion might be in corporate headquarters which is only 90 miles from your mother-in-laws home of record. 

All four candidates have undergone the interview process will all of your peers which are also direct reports to your General Manager, as well as the General Manager himself.  The General Manager has indicated that he would like to meet with you offsite on Monday morning for breakfast and would like to have your analysis of each of the candidates and a summary of who you would recommend for the position and justification to support your position.  This analysis and summary recommendation must be in writing. 

[As a suggestion, if you get the opportunity to see the movie “The Company Man” with Tommy Lee Jones you will have a better appreciation for this case]

Who and What is your Decision to hire; why (this is your analysis with summary); and what are ramifications/consequences of that deciison.  What potential impact will it have on you and your organization.  What global implications might this decision have. 


  • Read and analyze the above case.
  • Answer the above questions.
  • Prepare response in APA format and post in Week One dropbox entitled Theme-Weekly Case – Diversity by 11:59pm Sunday, April 6th.
  • Minimum of four pages –Please see Rubric Case in the Document Sharing files) but no maximum limitations on page content. Responses must be ample text to directly answer the questions. No PowerPoint or Bullet dots – must be sentence structure and within paragraphs.