HIM Diversity Training

You have recently been hired as the Director of HIM operations for UNOH Hospital, a 250-bed community hospital located on the campus of UNOH. UNOH is committed to a diverse student body and workforce. Your new boss, the CFO of UNOH Hospital, has requested that you develop and implement a diversity awareness training program for your staff. In your new position you are responsible for the following functions and staff within the HIM Department as well as the 20 employees that perform these functions:

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· Inpatient, outpatient, and physician coding

· Release of information (ROI)

· Chart completion

· Document imaging

· Patient portal administration

· Outsourced transcription

The majority of staff in the HIM Department are graduates of the UNOH HIT program and several are athletes from countries outside the U.S. that decided to seek employment and remain in the U.S. following graduation.

1. Research diversity awareness programs on the Internet and create a diversity awareness training presentation for your staff using PowerPoint.

2. Your training program should at minimum, address the following topics:

a. Age

b. Race

c. Sexual orientation

d. Education