hi i need help to create a research paper need this as soon as possible using an apa style guidelines thank you

Write a research paper including

– Title Page

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-Abstract (Summary of your research paper)

-Introduction (Background of the Study, Problem statement, Purpose Statement, Research Question/or Hypotheses, rationale of your methodology, Define the terms you are using in your paper.)

-Literature Review (Background to the problem, Theory of your paper cited by scholarly peer reviewed articles, Minimum of three sources published within the last 5 years, Theory and Research are clearly articulated.

-Methodology (Statement of the problem, Research questions and/ or hypotheses, Research methodology(Qualitative, Quantitative, Meta-analysis), Population and Sample selection,Instrument or Sources of Data.

-Results ( Only the Results in the form of statistics or graphs)

-Discussion ( This section provides details the entirety of the process used to collect the data. Describe the step-by-step procedures used to carry out all the major steps for data collection.)

-Conclusion (Connection to the research and position are clear and relevant)

-References ( From five to ten references)

-Appendixes (Include consent forms, Surveys etc.)

*Follow an APA format: Purdue Owl Website

*Include headings per APA format

Also use this topic: Autism spectrum disorder.