Heyraud J.K and Hernandez M.

Choose one of the two(2) academic articles in the COURSE DOCUMENTS related to the movie and seek a level of deep thinking. How does your own subjective approach to others create preconceived stereotypes?

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Heyraud, J. K. (2008). The Visitor. 2008. Written and Directed by Tom McCarthy. Psychological Perspectives, 51(2), 367-368. doi-10.1080:00332920802458396.pdf

Hernandez, M. (2009). Psychological theories of immigration. Journal Of Human Behavior In The Social Environment, 19(6), 713-729..pdf

Dare to ask a few deep thinking questions, reflect and discuss. Add at least 2 in-text citations from the one chosen article. Immigration and the psychological effects of acculturation are deep individual experiences.

The length of this paper should be between 450 – 550 words.


Note- the APA Reference format is the name of the file.