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Sampling Strategy and Sample Size for a Quantitative
Research Plan

Now that you have considered the impact that sampling
strategy and size can have on the quality and reliability of a research study,
you must now turn your attention to your own quantitative research plan. You
have built your research plan over the past 5 weeks to include proper research
design and measurement methods. This week, you add to this plan by deciding
what sampling strategy best fits your research.

To prepare for this Application:

Review Chapter 8, “Sampling and Sample Designs”
and Appendix D, “Random Digits” in the course text Research Methods
in the Social Sciences.

Review the handout “Sample Size Analysis for
Quantitative Studies” located in the Learning Resources.

Consider what would be the best sampling strategy for your
quantitative research plan. Why have you chosen that strategy?

What considerations should you be thinking about for your
sample size?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the sampling
strategy for your research plans?

The assignment:

Craft a 3-to 5-page
in which you recommend the sampling strategy and sample size for your
quantitative research plan (Microfinance). Include a rationale for why that is
the best strategy and size for your plan. Refer to the literature as needed.
Use the following as a framework for your paper: APA form and pages if book



Size, if known, or approximate/estimated size


Type of sampling

How the sample will be drawn

Sample size and why this was chosen in relation to
population size