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Comprehensive Portfolio Presentation

This final assignment is the compilation of all five portfolio pieces from the unit assignments. The intent of the final project is to showcase your accomplishments by developing a PowerPoint presentation that synthesizes all of your work into a comprehensive slide show. 

A comprehensive portfolio presentation should reveal what you have the potential to become. It demonstrates much more than a cover letter and resume. By creating a detailed presentation, prospective employers have the opportunity to see a complete picture of who you are, your education, your accomplishments, and your skill sets. You can potentially use your presentation for job interviews to showcase a concept, to illustrate the depth of your skills and experience, or to use as a tool to get a second interview.

As you begin to review the requirements for the PowerPoint presentation, make sure you have the final versions of the following:

  • Research Data Analysis Portfolio Piece A from Unit 3.
  • Critical Thinking Portfolio Piece B from Unit 5.
  • Cultural Competency Portfolio Piece C from Unit 6.
  • Ethical Assignment Portfolio Piece D from Unit 7.
  • Individual Portfolio Career Piece E from Unit 9.

For your final project, you are required to create a PowerPoint presentation, which highlights the course competencies and your writing from this course. For each portfolio piece that you have written this term, please create 6–8 slides that provide a high-level explanation or summary of each portfolio piece. In other words, you should create a minimum of 30 slides along with a title slide, introduction slide, conclusion slide, and references slides. Use a clear and concise structure and support your ideas with presenter notes and references. All slides should include presenter notes (minimum of three paragraphs) with the text of what you will say for each slide. You may use information directly from your portfolio pieces when writing presenter notes. However, they should be written as if you are speaking to an audience or potential employer, for example. Include images as needed to make the presentation visually appealing.

While examining your portfolio pieces and making decisions about the essential information that will be presented, it is recommended that you begin by creating an outline and comparing it to the Comprehensive Portfolio Presentation Scoring Guide to ensure you have specifically taken into account and addressed all of the grading criteria in detail.

Before you submit your PowerPoint presentation for review, make sure you have included the salient points from the final versions of all five portfolio pieces. Remember, this assignment is the compilation and summary of the salient points from all five portfolio pieces from the unit assignments. Direct any questions about this assignment to your instructor.

Submit your PowerPoint presentation as an attachment to the assignment area by the end of this unit.

You will use your research, analysis, writing, and communication skills intensely for this project. 

My notes to you: 

* Attached are all the papers that are required for this presentation.  For any reason you cannot open them/view them, please, please, let me know. 

* Absolutely no plagiarizing 

* Any questions please let me know. 

* This presentation is due no later than Thursday, before midnight is when I have to turn it in.