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You are the management team for Baderman island Resort.  The Kelsey Convention & Visitors Bureau has provided your sales department with a lead concerning a transnational organization called Moray Enterprises that is looking for a site to host its 5-day annual conference. [I have a copy of the lead sheet I can email you.] 

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Prepare a 1,700-2,050-word service delivery model for the resort in order to determine the feasibility of hosting this event from an operations standpoint, based on the information contained on the lead sheet.  In your paper, address the following:


* Analyze the integration of lodging, events & recreation, food & beverage, and facility management operations at Baderman Island Resort.


* Analyze the effect of the convention on the different hospitality business segments including food & beverage, events & recreation, lodging, and facilities at Baderman Island Resort.


* Create a responsibility matrix for each business segment.


* Describe the critical paths that each segment needs to address in its planning process.  Based on the critical paths identified, recommend strategies each segment can use to exceed customer expectations.