Help with childcare class

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Observe a child using  tools and methods(facts/interpretation, running record, anecdotal notes, developmental checklist, and so on). 

    1. You can observe children in an early childhood education or child care program, family child care home, church program, after-school program, or children in your own family or neighborhood

Complete a report in a Word document using three labeled sections. Follow these instructions:

Section 1. Identify the child you observed by gender, approximate age and a name (to protect the child’s identity use initials or a false name). Identify the TWO observation tools you used and record details of your observation. Length:  1 page.

Section 2. Describe and assess the child’s development in each PILES domain: physical, intellectual, language, emotional, and social. Support your analysis from your knowledge of child development and at least one specific example for each PILES domain from your observation of your child. 3 pages.

Section 3. Reflect on your work by including the following pertinent information:

  1. What were the overall goals of your observation and did you meet those goals through the information gathered?
  2. How will this assessment benefit these children and their families?
  3. What were your responsibilities in ensuring the assessment is accurate and ethical? (Length 1 page and half

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