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– According to The
Washington Post, “… The lifting of tough economic sanctions on Iran
would provide it with as much as $150 billion in revenue. Some of that money
would be spent on infrastructure and the Iranian people. Some of it, critics
say, would go to the likes of Hezbollah, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and
Iraqi militias that not long ago were killing Americans.”

– Also, as
reported by UK Reuters “Saudi Arabia and Russia have signed an agreement
to cooperate on nuclear energy development. Saudi-owned al-Arabiya TV, citing
unnamed sources, said the kingdom planned to build 16 nuclear reactors in which
Russia would play a significant role in operating them. In 2012, Saudi Arabia
said it aimed to build 17 gigawatts (GW) of nuclear power by 2032 as well as
around 41 GW of solar capacity. The oil exporter currently has no nuclear power
plants. Nuclear and solar power stations would reduce the diversion of Saudi
Arabia’s oil output for use in domestic power generation, leaving more
available for export.”