Held, Marion-Young, Nussbaum, Rawls, Mills, and Arendt

1. Explain either Held’s or Marion-Young’s criticism of the liberal tradition and provide Nussbaum’s response.
(-Marion Young, Five Faces of Oppression)
(-Held, Non-contractual Society)
(-Nussbaum, The feminist Critique of Liberalism)

2. Is Rawls’ second principle of justice compatible with Mill’s views in On Liberty?
(-Rawls, A theory of justice)
(-Mill, On Liberty, Introduction, chapter 1-5)

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3. What are the elements of totalitarianism according to Arendt?
(-Arendt, The Origin of Totalitarianism)

a.Each question require at least 3 paragraphs
b.Provide quotes to support your claims.
c.read text:
-Mill, On Liberty, Introduction, chapter 1-5
-Rawls, A theory of justice
-Held, Non-contractual Society
-Nussbaum, The feminist Critique of Liberalism
-Arendt, The Origin of Totalitarianism
-Marion Young, Five Faces of Oppression