Project Assignments (Submitted as PDFs)

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  1. (50 points total) By Friday at 5:00 PM of the first week (24 Aug 2018), in one to two pages:
    1. (10 points) Describe your dream job, career, and the area you wish to spend your time in. [Note: It might be easier for you to talk about what you are afraid of, and what you want to avoid spending your time doing.]
    2. (10 points) Explain why this is the best for you and why other areas are not as good.
    3. (10 points) Describe an organization active in this area and what that organization is known for, competitors for this organization, and limitations of this organization)
    4. (10 points) Describe role or positions you would like within that organization throughout your career path
    5. (10 points) Describe the skills and abilities required for this position