Health Services Manager at a local hospital, Accounting Assignment Homework help

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Discuss using 3-4  pages
and use in- text citation and cite sources used using APA.

1. You just started your new job
as a Health Services Manager at a local hospital. The CEO

wants your opinion on the
advantages and disadvantages of various third-party

reimbursement arrangements.

Discuss ONE
advantage and ONE disadvantage of the charge- based reimbursement.

1.  Discuss the difference between gross revenues and net revenues?
Three paragraphs and APA citation

2.  You must explain the importance of cost accounting to the CEO.
But before you do that you also must explain how costs are classified,
allocated, and assembled. Define fixed cost and provide an example of a fixed
cost in a healthcare setting.

4. Discuss ONE of the following:
(Try not replicate other’s answers)

a) Why is it important to
hold some liquid and some illiquid assets?

b) Identify and discuss ONE
ratio used to evaluate capital and cash performance?

c) What is a simple interest

d) What is a discount
interest loan?

5.  How important is budgeting
in running a health care company? How often should budgets be prepared?