Group Counseling Part 2

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Develop a brochure (one page front and back with graphics and descriptions) that will “sell” your group to the public.

  1.   Complete this assignment in MS Word.
  2.   The brochure should be universal as it should be available in
    various locations around your community (e.g., schools, doctor’s
    offices, human services offices, restaurants, agencies serving the
    population of the group, etc.).

Develop a set of screening questions and criteria that you, as the group leader, will use to choose the members of the group.

  1.     Begin with demographics questions (name, age, address, presenting issue, etc).
  2.     There should be a minimum of 10 screening questions not including the demographics questions.
  3.     Describe (500-750 words) the criteria that you as the leader will use to choose the members for the group.

Must work with the Parenting group plan already started. I am enclosing a copy of that paper.

Part 2 Holistic Assessment is what is needed.