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I need a recommendation letter to get into a masters program.  I have not been in school for over 10 years; consequently, I got the admissions director to waive the requirement that these letters be from college professors.  The problem is that I have not worked for anyone during the last five years. I need the letters so that my application is not considered incomplete.  There’s no doubt that I am qualified to get into the school based on my grades and GRE score alone, but  my file will not even be looked at without these letters. Put in your bid for one letter. I am actually a Gold Tutor here on this website. So you will NOT have to  LIE about anything; once you win the bid, I will give you all my  personal information so that you can write a decent letter. Furthermore, you must be willing to give your contact information, for the unlikely event that the school decides to contact you. You will probably just have to write it as my potential to perform well in graduate school based on my performance here at StudyPool. If you don’t have complete command of the English language, please don’t bid.

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