Gov 2305 Chapter 15


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Grave Injustice – 48 Hours Mystery…

1)What town did the crime that Anthony Graves was accused of committed in?

2)What was the crime that Anthony Graves was accused of?

3)What was the evidence against Anthony Graves?

4)What is the name of the organization that helped exonerate Anthony Graves?

5)What evidence was there that Anthony Graves did not commit the crimes?

6)How long was it between when the US Court of Appeals overturned Anthony Graves’ murder conviction and when his new trial takes place?

7)What Texas publication helped to publicize Anthony Graves’ case in 2010?

8)Why did the new DA (Kelly Siegler) not pursue the retrial of Antony Graves?

9)What actions of the previous DA (Sebesta) were questionable?

10)What date was Anthony Graves released from prison?

11) What is the major civil liberties concern in this and similar cases?

12) What can you do to help ensure other violations like this do not happen?

13)Updates: Tell me where are the now! You’ll need to use your Internet research skills here. Cite your sources.

a.Anthony Graves-

b.Kelly Siegler-

c.Otto Hanak-

d.Charles Sebesta-