Globalization: Video

Globalization is oft described as the growing interdependence of states through the intertwining of trade, economies, ideas and innovations creating absolute gain. This would seem to demonstrate the very best of liberalism and constructivism.. Further, proponents of globalization argue that through the use of comparative advantage* all states will grow and prosper.

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In this video, we see another point of view, that of Thomas Sankara, President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987. Sankara argued Burkina Faso must shed its colonial legacy, become economical independent through a version of trade isolation and free itself from dependence upon global powers.

After watching this video, please submit a 500 word (minimum) response to the following:

Did Sankara have it right? Is it true that ‘he who feeds you, controls you’?

How does this sentiment inform globalization as both a state and international goal?

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