giving the current history of peacekeeping sustaining peace and conflict is enviable how do we sustain the impact of peacekeeping initiatives in fragile and conflict affected states

Question 1A,

A brief description of the chosen paper topic, short (1 to 2 paragraph) thesis statement that the student intends to structure the paper around, a listing (in outline form) of the supporting arguments and sub-arguments that are intended to support the thesis, a Reference List of sources the student intends to use for researching the paper – must include at least five peer-reviewed sources to complement any primary sources.

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This assignment will be graded on the proposed topic for the research paper, the historical question posed, and a preliminary thesis statement. To create a thesis statement, ask a unique research question about the topic and answer it with specific reasons why. The statement should be one sentence if possible and presented in the opening paragraph of your proposal. Your instructor will approve the topic as submitted or will direct modifications as needed. This assignment will be due Week 3.

Submission Guidelines

1. Please format your assignment with a header to include your name, the class, the date, the assignment name, and page numbers.

2. Give the proposal a title that reflects the topic.

3. Use Turabian Author-Date parenthetical in-text citations and a Reference List to hold sources as mentioned in your syllabus on page 3 under Course Materials.

Question 2, B


TOPIC; Giving the current history of Peacekeeping, Sustaining Peace and conflict is enviable, how do we sustain the impact of Peacekeeping Initiatives in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States”.

Abstract; Includes the purpose of the research, methodology, findings and conclusion. Limited to 200 words.

Introduction; Identifies the student’s specific project and sets the general context. By Providing a clear and lucid description of the project including the goal and intent of the project.

Discuss the schedule and objectives for the work to be completed.


Purpose of the Project;

Research Methodology;

Project Proposal Research design;

Conducting the Research

Proposal Bibliography;

Al-Bulushi, Samar. “‘Peacekeeping’ as Occupation: Managing the Market for Violent Labor in Somalia.” Transforming Anthropology (2014).

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Question 2;

Complete a 3-page review of any scholarly article associated with the history of peacekeeping, 1988-present. Every word counts – write with precision and edit aggressively to the detail of the most important thoughts.

The scholarly article you select for review must cover a major concept, event, or person associated with the history of peacekeeping, 1988-present. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to some of the original published history that can serve as a model for your own research. Please use the same citation style and format as the Research Paper Proposal in the above assignment.

Submission Guidelines

1. Please format your assignment with a header to include your name, the class, the date, the assignment name, and page numbers.

2. Give the literature review a unique title that reflects the topic.

3. Also, add the full Turabian Author-Date citation for the article at the top of the assignment, just under the title at the left margin.