Foundations of Business

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Could you do this discussion please.. 

we have to discuss this with our classmate on the blackboard so we can write a discussion and read at lest three of our classmate discussions and discuss with them ..

The book is : 

Foundations of Business, 4rd Edition


South Western, Cengage Learning

*could u write the discussion then I will send you my classmate discussions to discuss only one time . Also, write it simple and about one to two paragraphs. 



As most of you are aware, The President’s Universal Health Care efforts resulted in what is commonly referred to as “OBAMA Care” which  is currently in place…and a very hot issue ……sparking unyielding controversyamong the U.S. citizenry. This insurmountable attention and debate is centered around:

1. Individual Rights

2. True Capitialism/Free Enterprise?   A new Capitalism? Is it Working?

3. The “Haves” and the “Have-not’s”

4. Too Much Government Regulation

5. Unfair Distribution of  Wealth

6. Unethical practices

7. Corporations rule!

8.  Shrinking Middle Class

9.  Moral and Social Responsibility 


All students must explain and elaborate on each major provision of “OBAMA-Care”.  In addition, discuss the pro’s and con’s of this piece of historic legislation. Give a detailed explanations to support you position and be prepared to adequately defend your choice in response to your classmates’ opposition. I will be closely monitoring this forum to determine a grade scale for this assignment based your interactions.  I expect debates, concessions, agreements, etc.

*I expect a minimum of 8 posts per student.


-Please note that Professor is too serious about Plagiarism so please make it different.

thank you..