For this individual assignment, complete both parts as described below

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For this individual assignment, complete both parts as described below.

Reflective Essay and Social Media Planning

Part A

a 2-page informal reflection essay, explain how you can use
presentation skills and knowledge of yourself and your goals,
intentions, and current actions and activities to better address your
coursework and your current job or career. Why is it important to
actively think about presenting yourself, your goals, and your current
situation to employers, friends, and others? How do you build on where
you are now to strengthen your argument for yourself?

As you reflect in preparation for writing your essay, the following are some things to ask yourself:

  • How did you use situational awareness (rapport, self-confidence, and awareness) during your presentation? 
  • From
    observing others present themselves, how did that impact your thoughts
    about self-awareness, reflective practice, and the need to synthesize
    and present both your discipline knowledge as well as your own
    professional capabilities? 
  • How did you follow up with the audience during or after the presentation? 
  • Why is follow-up important in any presentation situation? 
  • What else will you do in future situations?

Part B

media is an important networking resource and continues to evolve as a
tool for self-presentation. Based on concepts covered in this unit,
identify the kinds of information that you would want to put on a social
media site for presentation of your professional capabilities.  Be sure
to explain why you have chosen this set of information. How did your
participation in the Unit 4 live online presentation help to solidify
your views and approaches? Review the Personal Branding Playbook for further ideas.