Follow the instructions down.

Your response to the following questions should be double-spaced, typed, Times New Roman with 1″ margins on both sides. It should be two full pages long.

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Chapter 7 of our course text discusses rewards and how each person is motivated differently through them.

Pretend you are searching for a new job. Of the following rewards, please rank order and discuss the Top 6 that you consider priorities and most important to you in a new job environment.

Also, answer the question, Do you think that your priorities in rewards will change 10-15 years from now, why or why not?

Rewards to rank order

  • Time off/vacation
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Pay and bonuses
  • Advancement and promotion opportunities
  • Autonomy in the work environment
  • Personal challenge and growth
  • Excellent retirement matching funds (may allow you to retire a few years early)
  • Fun at work
  • Social support and friends
  • Job security
  • Excellent health benefits