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Case Study: Chester 4 pages without the reference pager or introduction page 

Consider the following case:

Chester is a 3-year-old boy whose mother has come to you for in home ABA services. His mother explains that Chester was diagnosed 3 months ago by a hospital based interdisciplinary team who recommended that Chester receive early interventions services at school and in the home. Chester is one of three boys. The oldest is Charles, who is 8, and has a diagnosis of ADHD. The middle child is Clark, who has a speech delay. Chester is the youngest. The mother explains that her husband is a truck driver who is gone for many days at a time because of his work. She tells you, somewhat hesitantly that her husband, Mr. W, does not want strangers in the home. The mom is wondering if services can be offered somewhere else besides the home. 

In talking to the mother, you learn that the family belongs to a tight-knit, Christian community that does not believe in “therapy” and that does not condone “psychological diagnoses.” Ms. X wants her son to get help, but she really does not want her family disturbed in the home. Ms. X reports that her biggest concerns right now are that Chester does not have many words to express his needs and that he does not respond readily to simple redirection. She describes last night, when she was giving Chester a bath, where he laid down in the water on his back and would not sit up to breathe when asked, She had to pull him out of the tub in order to make sure that he did not stay under the water.

Chester’s family has qualified for services, but you are still need to do the assessment before regular services can start.

Please address each bullet point and as headline put what is between parentheses 

  • Discuss your plan for assessment in this case, including who, when, where, and how you will go about assessing for target behaviors and overall need. (Plan for assessment)
  • Discuss the cultural needs of this family and how you could meet them during the assessment process. (family cultural needs)
  • What specific data will you need to compile to decide on an intervention? (data to collect)
  • How will you incorporate professional best practices into this process to ensure an accurate and detailed assessment? (professional best practice)
  • What role could a professional interdisciplinary team play in this Functional Behavior Analysis? (Professional interdisciplinary team)