fine arts discussion #2, art & design homework help

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Second Discussion Board Assignment:choose one option-Option one

Look at Part 3 – “The Fine Arts Media” – in the table of contents. This section of the book goes through different general categories of art. Write about an example of any of these that you have the first-hand experience with , For example, you might be living somewhere or have visited someplace with a particularly striking piece of architecture or public monument. Feel free to talk about the circumstances under which you experienced this, what you think about it, what it says about the culture, time period, or individual that produced it, or any other relevant information.  If you wish to use the topic of your Writing Assignment (below), that would work fine. Minimum 300 words.

The book is A world of art – eighth edition .   I have pictures from those pages if you want me to email them or text them to you or I guess i don’t know how to upload them.