Find four Companies’ Strategic news and write a Marketing analysis for each

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Four Companies’ Strategic Marketing analysis

  1. Read Application Journal Instructions  and 2 companies’ examples. (More Requirement Details are showed below)
  2. Find 4 companies which are matched the 6 marketing concepts below. (These 4 companies should use different concepts. )

Your task in Application Journal 1 is to apply each of the marketing concepts attached to a real world example. 

You have one single-spaced page using New Time Roman 12 font to (1) introduce me to the organization, (2) the marketing concept, and (3) convince me that the company’s actions illustrate the marketing concept well. Just three paragraphs. The first two paragraphs should be short (two or three sentences.) 

1. The organization

2. The marketing concept

3. The example

Journal entries should be single-spaced and written in complete sentences. (400 words)

Please proof your entry for spelling and grammar. 

Explanation sufficient.

No information lacking.

See instructions carefully.

3. Follow the instructions and write 4 Journals for 4 companies which are not American famous companies. 

Foreign Companies are the best choice, such as Japanese companies, Korean companies,   and Chinese companies. 

Reference materials should be attached.

Add the original news website link under the each paper. (They must be news, not its history, definition, etc. Do not use old news. Not before Jan 2015 or no date.)

Weak example of the marketing concept and connection of article unclear are not allowed. 

You must write clearly each company use what kind of strategic from the 6 pictures above.

The main paragraph is the third one (The example) that convince me that the company’s actions illustrate the marketing concept well. 

You need to write which figure (6 pictures above) the company uses in the Marketing concepts part.  

You need to read the file I upload.

NO Plagiarism. It must be upload to the Turnitin website. 

If you don’t follow the rules, I will withdraw it.