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Group Project Requirements

-Choose a publicly traded
company and two competitors and determine its industry. For example: Company:
Target; Competitors: Kohl’s and Walmart; Industry: Retail Industry.

“We chose Ford and the competitors are General motors and Chrysler”


(1) Section 1: Provide an introduction about the company and its
competitors: product information, current news etc., just an overall company

(2) Section 2: Evaluate the company versus its competitors and industry
in terms of liquidity, profitability, solvency, and market ratios. Pick two
ratios per category.  Prepare ratio
analysis for the most current two
years available. For example, for liquidity: current ratio and quick

(3) Section 3: Prepare a common size analysis for the balance sheet and
income statement for the company and its competitors for two years. 

(4) Section 4: Lastly, would you invest in your company (Ford Motor Co) based on the
ratio analysis and common size analysis? 

Ford financial statements are in ” “

Fiat Chrysler financial statements are in ”

General Motors financial statements are in ”

Our team are attached in Excal file which is Section 2 

Note: There
are websites that you can download financial statements.  There are also websites that contain
financial ratios already calculated.  You
would just need to cite which website you are using, but download ratios from
website and attach as an exhibit. Any calculations that you do in excel would
be an exhibit as well.  You would refer
to these exhibits in your paper. 

The purpose of this exercise
to analyze the ratios, not necessarily calculate the ratios.  The
group will prepare a paper that is approximately 3-4 pages in length (this does
not include exhibits).  The group is also
required to prepare a 10-15 minute PowerPoint presentation that will be
presented in front of class. 

We need  paper and presentation for these 4 section from 1-4. the paper should include the 4 section with out the essay which is 3-4 pages that should be about the background information of the 3 companies  and why we should or should not invest in (Ford Motor Co).