Financial Accounting /Law Homework

Criminal Justice Homework

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Write a 200- to 300-word response in which you describe the distinctions between jails and prisons. Address the following in your comparison:

  • Identify the four types of prisons.
  • Explain the concept of prison as a total institution.
  • Explain why jails play an important role in the criminal justice system.

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Criminal Justice -Discussion Questions ( No min word count- does not need to be in APA)

1.How would you define corrections programs? How do community-based corrections programs affect prisoners? What would happen if corrections programs were not community-based? Explain

2.How does each type of prison play a role in the criminal justice system? How do the criteria of each type of prison affect sentencing?

Accounting Homework 

Write a 350-word response to the following:

Why are companies required to prepare a statement of cash flows? Why is the statement of cash flows divided into three sections? What does each section tell you about the operations of a company?

Format your response consistent with APA guidelines.

Accounting Discussion Questions (no min word count- do not need to be in APA format)

1. Discussion #1 — Statement of Cash Flows

  • Why is it necessary to convert accrual-based net income to cash-basis income when preparing a statement of cash flows?
  • The president of Ferneti Company is puzzled. During the last year, the company experienced a net loss of $800,000, yet its cash increased $300,000 during the same period of time. Explain to the president how this could occur.
2.Discussion #2 — Statement of Cash Flows — Transaction Analysis

Analyze these transactions as they relate to the Statement of Cash Flows:

Pioneer Corporation had these transactions during 2011:

(a) Issued $50,000 par value common stock for cash.

(b) Purchased a machine for $30,000, giving a long-term note in exchange.

(c) Issued $200,000 par value common stock upon conversion of bonds having a face value of $200,000.

(d) Declared and paid a cash dividend of $18,000.

(e) Sold a long-term investment with a cost of $15,000 for $15,000 cash.

(f) Collected $16,000 of accounts receivable.

(g) Paid $18,000 on accounts payable.

Analyze the transactions and indicate whether each transaction resulted in a cash flow from

operating activities, investing activities, financing activities, or noncash investing and financing


3.Discussion #3 — Building a Statement of Cash Flows (video)

These two videos show you how to build a statement of cash flows given an income statement and a balance sheet (two years of balance sheets). You can locate an Excel template that goes along with this video at