final project plan entrepreneurship project business idea please read the notes before you bid

Hi, I need help with my final entrepreneurship project plan. Below is the scope of the plan, me and my team have completed Part 1 scope items. We need help completing our rest of the Scope Items that are under Part 2 below. This is our final plan and we need to be specific and detail oriented.

If you read our document you will get an exact idea of what our project is and will help you write the rest of the scope items.

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Scope of the Final Project Plan:

Part 1

Submit a “Brief” Executive Summary of the dream project you want to have, to express your success and apply your entrepreneurial skills.

Present the Mission Statement/Motto/Inner goal… List the milestones, objectives, and the requirements to put together this dream into action.

List your establishing plan

List your requirements to start

List your “must” to start

List your obstacles and challenges

List your risks

List the potential “Future Pictures you see”

List what you see, but no one sees or understands about your project.

List why do you believe in this project

List what might makes you dropping the project

Breakdown your plans into the Marketing Plan and Execution Phases. (In this phase of the project, you don’t need to submit Final Plan)

Present your Business Model

Present a timetable for the expectation, execution and the milestones you will be driving your project through.

Present your communication plan including your supply chain network

All the above you did in the Midterm. Part 2 is what you need to submit for the final

Part 2

Financial Plan

Plan for fundraising

Risk Analysis Plan

Plan for pitching your project to Venture Capitalists/Investors

Conditions, Terms and Agreement lines


PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP ME FINISH THIS DOCUMENT. I can provide all the details you need.

Thank you.