final paper criminology

-Please address the following SCENARIOS with as much detail as possible using CRIMINOLOGICAL

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THEORIES that we have learned about this semester. What I am looking for you to do is plug in specific

theories (Low Self Control, Macro Strain, Rational Choice, Learning Theory, etc.) to address the issue or

answer the question regarding the following scenario. This exercise basically pushes you to

INCORPORATE theory in the real world.

-Please answer each of the following questions/scenarios in as much detail as you are able.

1. A young man sees a new pair of shoes on TV and wants them, but neither he nor his parents have any money. He chooses to go out and steal the shoes. Which theory would explain this behavior and why (defend your answer using the theory or theories).

2. A group of 8th grade boys spend time after school smoking cigarettes, drinking and occasionally shoplifting from a local convenience store. A group of 10th grade boys sometimes allow them to watch them break into cars to steal items and “look out” for police or the owners. The older boys show the younger boys how to properly get into the cars and how to take things quickly and quietly. Do you think the younger boys will gravitate to these more serious crimes? What theory would you use to defend your argument?

3. Imagine you are a consultant being asked about the “best theoretical practices” to reduce juvenile delinquency. Which theory or theories would you use and discuss, why and how? Would there be any specific programs or approaches (based upon theory) that you may suggest?