feedback of questions

1. Read pages 1-39 of The Last Lecture.

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A. In the book, Randy says that his accomplishments as an adult are credited to the dreams and goals that he had as a child. I believe that he is saying that you have to envision your success by the way of “dreams” in order to begin planning a path of achievement.

You have to have an endgame in your sights in order to set up the necessary course or goals to make the dream come true.

B. I completely agree that dreams are a necessity to be successful. It is a reason to achieve something in life, which such a short amount of time we are given. He believes that if your dream is not big enough to scare you, then it’s not a real dream. One of my dreams is to live abroad, and if I were to live abroad, it would be the biggest choice in my entire lifetime. Without a meaningful dream, I don’t see people having the motivation to finish college. So much work goes into achieving a dream and if it’s questionable if it will be worth it or not, it likely will be worth it in the end.

C.In The Last Lecture, author Randy Pausch says it’s important to have dreams. Dreams are vital to success because one must give oneself permission to dream big so they can set and attain measurable goals. I agree with Pausch on this. Parents shouldn’t be in the business of knocking down their children’s dreams. They should be helping them attain their dreams by teaching them that they need to focus, set goals, and do the work that needs doing to achieve success. As students in college, we have our own dreams that we hope to pursue. We should hold true to the goals we set for ourselves because if we do, then we will succeed and in the process, hold ourselves accountable. I also agree with Pausch that we as human beings have a responsibility to enable others with their dreams. As part of the human condition, we need to be supportive of the goals others have if it means bettering themselves and society.

For post 2 Read pages 40-63 of The Last Lecture

A.The way you handle situations affects your success by giving you too much stress, which ultimately dawns over you and may make something seem impossible. In life we must have a consistent optimistic attitude, because without it the greatest movements in humanity would never have been accomplished. An example is MLK and his march on Washington, if he never had marched, we’d never be the country we are today. Pausch said that if your dream isn’t big enough to scare you, then it isn’t a real dream. We influence people around us, it’s been like that for thousands of years, for all the strikes, rebellions and such throughout history, our success is vital for having a comfortable life.

B.The only two things we can control in life is our attitude and our actions. In every situation how we act, or react determines the outcome. It is so important to always keep a positive attitude. If we are always being pessimistic we are not going to be successful at all. It is also very important to take every situation as an opportunity to grow and learn. Be open to constructive criticism, and instead of reacting, try a humble approach to situations and learn from them.

C.The way you react in a situation can change the outcome from being positive to negative. For example, when Randy found that his cancer had returned and metastasized he was scared and sad, but he tried his best to keep a level head in order to keep Jai calm and so he could ask questions to the doctor. If he had become hysterical I’m sure Jai would be even more upset and the doctor visit would have been very traumatizing for both of them. You’ll face many challenges in life and I think the way you react is very important and will directly influence yourself and others around you, the way you handle situations can lead to success or failure. I think that if you stay focused on your goals and stay positive in your reactions you will have a positive outcome.C

Now you have to give feedback regards to their writing with examples. Choose any 2 From A- C (5 complete sentences will be fine) individually

3. Read pages 80-116 of The Last Lecture. Randy Pausch states in his book that time management is crucial for success. Why did he believe that this is so important?

No plagiarism will allow. no references or citation.

You don’t have to write question 4. just give them any 2 feedback regards to the question and the post.

4. After viewing the article Top Cloud Security Fears and How the C-Suite is Tackling Them from, think about the types of security issues that you may have witnessed at your own companies.

  • What types of cutting-edge technologies should managers and executives fear as new products hit the market daily?
  • What types of mitigating actions could be put in place to prevent security breaches?

A. My company is working in the dark ages, we do not share documents in a cloud. We actually attached our docs to an e-mail. Microsoft 365 offers a share docs function we are supposed to use it, unfortunately, no one trained us to used it and we rather not use it since we are not sure how secure it is.

Based on the article, the biggest fear that managers and executive have are the new cloud applications used by individuals that are not part of a regulated IT system. This is a unilateral cloud adoption by users that do not understand or know how the cloud works. There are two specific concerns:

  • If the services adopted are fit to interface with your company’s security requirements
  • When non-technical staff is actually using the security features appropriately.

To prevent security breaches companies must secure their technological infrastructures such as servers, hypervisors, and basic networking. Also, remove cost from security compliance. The company must develop a security process that should address the threat of analytics and detection, data filtration, and loss, plus improve their approach to application security. In short, companies must improve security on and off premise to prevent any security breaches. The changes must include management centralization and a patch to be provided to 100 percent of the customers as soon as they are part of their cloud system.

B. After reading the article, I was surprised to see the criticism for Cloud though not entirely since it came from European nations. The security laws are far stricter in Europe than in the US. It reminded me of an article I read regarding the introduction of Google Maps in Germany where Germany sued Google for picking up access payload data. Google denied it at first but later admitted they were using the extra data, which could possibly be sold to advertising companies to target ads. Anyhow, it’s a mere example of how when new products are launched, their extent of reach–security-wise–should be scrutinized. It’s essential to install those “threat analytics and detections” as the article mentioned. Managers and executives can never know when an app could pick up excess user data and use it to sway an election (Cambridge Analytica Facebook Scandal). The article mentioned how cloud services could appear as “honeypots,” which is highly risky for a business. Honeypots are usually a decoy to keep an attacker away from the real information but if that entire system is not secure, hackers can easily steal public information. What’s worse is having technologies like password cracking tools which help enable people to easily hack unencrypted data. Companies must fear the Internet and how much it hosts and provides for normal and malicious people equally. The Internet is the biggest cutting-edge technology of the 21st century.

Companies can put up firewalls and network monitoring devices to see what kind of activity of information is traveling across their network. Cryptology, the article suggested, is a great form of keeping the company’s data secure. When the data is encrypted, decrypting it would require a password or a key, which only a limited number of people would have. It would be easier to figure out if any of the employees were compromising the data, considering only they have the key. As for security breaches, companies must ensure only the trusted professionals have access to the servers or physical assets. They can ensure that with ID badges, biometrics, etc. Additionally, training and educating employees benefits the company in the long run as employees know how crucial information security is. Keeping the software constantly updated or conducting patch fixes can help mitigate any future security breaches. In fact, I learned how Microsoft has a patch Tuesday where they send out a fixed update to its users. The company has to establish clear policies to maintain its security regulations and policies so that no employee can thereafter deny knowing what they were and weren’t supposed to do.

C. I can empathize with the exec’s when it comes to using the “CLOUD” as a source that stores vital information. I understand that this method of storage is new and exciting but to most, it can be fearful and threating. If I were an executive, I would want to understand how this method would differ than the traditional ways of storing information safely.

My questioning would be how effective are the security measures by storing information in a “CLOUD”? Would this methodology be effect for sensitive data? All security measures have the potential risk of being a target, whether a small business or a large corporation. I feel that a more enhanced security encryption technology would help ease the tension of exec’s concerning the storage of information. There should be intense training, have an enforced encryption plan in place and or perform routine vulnerability assessments.