Feature Story 2012 Aurora Theatre Shooting, writing homework help

Compose a feature story for publication with the following guidelines

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Scenario:  2012 Aurora Theatre Shooting. Interview someone who lost a loved one in the shooting.

Recommended Videos: Aurora, Colorado Mass Shooting at Movie Theatre (raw video) and “Dark Knight Rises” mass shooting at Aurora, Colorado Century Theatre for Premiere of new “Batman.”


Include the following information:

  • Research the incident and provide factual information within your story (you do not need to use APA format for your story, but you must provide a list of your resources on a separate page of your story).
  • Create the “survivor” story by pretending that you interviewed the person described in your selected scenario. Details of the incident should be factual, but details of their personal story are up to you. You may use direct quotes as if you had actually interviewed the person. These should be made up quotations, but potentially true if you had really interviewed someone.
    • What happened?
    • How did the person handle it
    • What were they feeling/thinking
    • What did they do to survive?
    • Were there any regrets?
    • Was there anything they would have done differently
    • What services did you need and what were they? How were you treated?
    • Any other details you care to include
  • Explain any details regarding what should/could be done should this scenario ever happen again. Information on these types of incidents should be based upon research and factual information. Scholarly sources must be used for this particular section.  List your resources on a separate page.
  • Describe a “moral of the story” conclusion as a general message to the public.
  • Your paper should be double spaced and be 3-5 pages in length.

The specifics of your selected scenario must be factual, so you must research the actual event and potential health related circumstances surrounding that event. Conduct a “mock” interview, creating your interviewee’s responses. Possible interview questions include how did you survive the ordeal, what did you do, what was going through your mind, did you think you were going to die, and more…be creative!