famous Latin American baseball players, Spanish project help

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Many people refer to baseball as, “the great American pastime”, but it is also a popular sport in the Caribbean countries like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Cuba etc. Do you like baseball? Do you watch games on television? Have you ever played baseball? What do you know about the sport and its rules? Are you familiar with any of the names of the sport’s most famous players, past and present?


You  will research famous Latin American baseball players. You will choose and will research on 3 different players . Additionally, you will research facts on that town in order to make a presentation on that town and its famous players . Make sure you read the rubric.




Needs Work


Information well organized. completed in Spanish.

Information only partially organized or incomplete. Some Spanish is used

No real evidence of research. Used little or no Spanish


Good slides that includes the 3 baseball players and five interesting facts about the selected city and or country.Minimum of 10 slides or exceeds expectations

Disorganized information or not much effort on presentation. less than 10 slides

 Little to no effort on presentation..