Family Nurse Practitioner

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Each advanced care provider role has specific core
competencies specific to the specialization. Following are links to websites
describing core competencies that are relevant to the South University College
of Nursing and Public Health advanced practice role specializations:

•Indirect Care Provider Roles:

◦Nurse Administrator

◦Nurse Informaticist

◦Nurse Educator

•Direct Care Provider Roles:◦NP (Adult, Gerontology,
or Family Health)

To prepare for this assignment, review all core competencies
and then provide a response in a 3- to 5-page paper (excluding the title and
reference page) your review of these competencies considering the following:

•Compare and contrast the core competencies of a
direct care provider advanced role and indirect care provider advanced role.
For example, if you are a nurse informaticist or nurse administrator student,
compare your role’s core competencies to the NP core competencies. If you are a
NP student, compare your role’s core competencies to that of the nurse
informaticist or the nurse administrator.

•Analyze the similarities and differences in
implementation of the competencies within the selected roles.

URLs to assist you in preparing your assignment:

•AACN for Nurse Informatics,_Competencies,_Skills.pdf

•Adult-Gerontology NP Competencies

•AONE for Nurse Administrators/Executives

•Family NP Competencies