Expository writing

NOTE: This is a fact-based essay. It is NOT an opinion essay, and should NOT contain I, me, my, or you.

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Topics: Please choose one topic as the basis of your five-paragraph essay. Then follow instructions below.

1. Poetry Analysis: Sonnets: Choose one or more to explain: Petrarchan, Spenserian, and/or Shakespearean sonnets. Discuss the characteristics and poetic elements used in the sonnet(s). You may write about one type of sonnet, or compare and contrast the characteristics of two or more types of sonnets. Include multiple examples/cited lines from the poems to support your response.

Find resources about these sonnets in the first four lessons of the unit.

2. Poetry Analysis: Metaphysical Poetry: Write an essay explaining how Donne’s poems are examples of metaphysical poetry. Define and explain metaphysical poetry using 1-2 poem(s) by John Donne. What was unique about this type of poetry during the Renaissance? Discuss the characteristics and poetic elements used in the poem(s). Include multiple examples/cited lines from the poems to support your response.

Find resources about these sonnets in lesson 6 of the unit.

3.The English Renaissance Period: The English Renaissance was an exciting time of world exploration, revolutionary authors, and new ideas. Write an expository essay that shares information about the history, culture, and significant literature from the English Renaissance period.

Use the timeline and other historical information in the British Literature iText and Unit 4 Connexus lessons to gather information for this paper.

No outside/online resources should be necessary. If you need more information then use EBSCO, Grolier, or Discovery Education to gather information.

They are found in the “Links” tab on your homepage. Cite researched information in your paper using in-text citations and include a works cited page.

Instructions and Resources:

Use MLA format. See the MLA information on the message board.

Use standard five-paragraph essay structure. Write an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement, include three body paragraphs with transitions and evidence from the text, and a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the main points and restates the thesis. Support the essay with facts, and use examples and evidence from the selections in class. Cite them properly in the body paragraphs. SEE RUBRIC

When citing lines of poetry in the body paragraphs of the essay, insert a slash with a space on each side to separate the lines of the poem. Type the lines word for word as they appear in the poem; do not paraphrase. Add the line numbers, if provided, in parentheses right after the closing quotation marks and just before the closing punctuation. You should include the poet’s last name with the citation in this case. Example of citing poetry in-text: In the poem, specific imagery related to the woods is shown in the lines, The woods are lovely, dark and deep / But I have promises to keep / Andmiles to go before I sleep / And miles to go before I sleep” (Frost 13-16).