Exploring Healthcare Disparities

We explored workforce diversity and healthcare disparities as related concepts that are experienced by practicing nurses. This assignment challenges you to think about how you encounter disparities in practice and how you are addressing them as you go about your daily work. Sharing your experience with disparities provides you with an opportunity to reflect on this ever-expanding topic.

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In a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document and online discussion, include the following:

  • How do you see healthcare disparities impacting nursing practice?
    • Describe disparities that you observe in your practice setting or a clinical workplace of your choice. Describe at least three types of disparities.
    • What tools are available to you to assist with the disparities?
    • What are your biggest practice challenges in caring for patients with disparities in healthcare access?
    • Do you believe your nursing practice can make a positive impact for patients with these differences?
  • What were your credible sources supporting your posting?

Submission Details:

  • Write your initial response in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document.
  • Your response should be thorough and address all components of the discussion question in detail. Include citations of all sources, where needed, according to the APA Style. Demonstrate accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Use this APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resources.