Explore racism through liberation lens, see discription below?

Explore and analyze your chosen “ism” through the lens of personal ethics and Social Work Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice:( chosen ism is rascism)

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1.Students will find an additional current, non-academic source on the topic (You tube, blog, Podcast, internet think piece, etc.) to apply their thoughts and analysis to a current event in relation to their chosen “ism”++. importamt++

2. Students are to reflect on the “ism” through a Liberation lens.

3. Students are asked to examine the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice and reflect on the role of professional identity and ethics in relationship to your “ism.”

The following questions will assist you in your exploration:

· How does oppression or liberation relate to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice?

· Through your “ism” critically examine what the social work response might be using the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as guidelines.

· Can you identify any conflicts between your own personal values and the social

work values and how these might impact the oppression or liberation of client,

group or community?

· How will you plan to responsibly handle this conflict?

· How can individuals reconcile a strong religious value and belief system with the

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice?

· Provide possible areas of difference as well as areas of agreement and examine

how to make a decision that would be in the best interests of the client.