Explaining how the roles and responsibilities of leaders have change, management homework help

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Explaining how the roles and responsibilities of leaders have changed with the influence of technology on the innovation process within organizations. Use content from your textbook to explain some of the procedures or methods of executing changes by leaders because of technology’s influence on innovation. You will be graded on (1) the quality of writing, the ability to use terms discussed in class and apply to the content of the paper, (2) the ability to gather outside sources to use as supportive pieces to the resolution discussed within the paper, (3) the ability to clearly define the connection between leaders, technology, and innovation while implementing an explanation of the changes that have occurred, and (4) the design of the paper (title, format, references, etc…).

Paper should be no less than two pages and no more than three pages (850-1050 words)

Three scholarly journal references are needed

APA format

Title page

Reference page

Times roman or Arial 12 pt only