Explain what diversity of citizenship means?, LES questions help

Can i have an excellent writer in law dear writer please answer the following questions:

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Explain what diversity of citizenship means?

question 2:

Describe the types of cases within the subject matter jurisdiction of the federal courts.

question 3:

The Rule of Four refers to what situation?

question 4:

Compare and contrast the concepts of mootness and ripeness and
explain their relevance to the constitutional requirement that the
courts have jurisdiction only when there is a case or controversy?

question 5:

Congress has used the Interstate Commerce Clause to enact legislation affecting what kind of activities?

question 6:

Why did the Supreme Court once hold the income tax unconstitutional?

question 7:

What is the Necessary and Proper Clause and where is it found?

question 8:

Describe some of Congresses enumerated powers and what they can do with them.

question 9:

What is the difference between 1) executive orders and presidential proclamations; 2) treaties and executive agreements?

question 10:

How does the president share war powers with Congress?

question 11:

Give three examples of an executive agreement and what it does.