exercises project

Strength and Conditioning

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Multi-Phase Training Program

Class Project


Develop a multi-phase training program for an athlete of your choice. Must be in a sport/endeavor other than your own.


By performing this activity, the student will further develop their ability to…

  1. Understand the structures and function of the muscular, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems and how these systems relate to exercise.
  2. Understand the various adaptations of the body to anaerobic and aerobic training programs as well as the psychology of athletic preparation and performance.
  3. Demonstrate competency in selection of tests, administration, scoring, and interpretation of test results.
  4. Demonstrate proper execution of generalized and sport specific warm-ups and cool-downs
  5. Design proper anaerobic and aerobic exercise prescriptions for individuals and show proper application of exercise prescription principles.


    1. Identify an athlete you’d like to train.Be specific.Give a backstory, be detailed.This could be a real person or a fictional athlete.
    2. Design a periodization program for the athlete that spans multiple phases. This should be displayed in the following ways:
      1. a 12 month training chart or one full macrocycle, as well as use and justifications of phases or mesocycles; test selection and justifications for test selections, sport norms and standards for tests used (referenced)
      2. a chart for all routines used that describes the exercise selection, sequence of exercises, frequency, intensity, volume, progression, as well as any technical aspects that are pertinent (i.e. tempo, rest intervals).
      3. Be specific.Reps/sets/intensity should all be shown in full.Intensity needs to be specific, that means no using words like heavy/medium/light.Use numerical values and show how you are introducing a progressive overload.
    3. Justify all of your decisions made by referencing your textbook and at least 2 other official sources (other textbooks or peer-reviewed papers), and 2 stakeholder perspectives (coach and athlete perspectives are likely best). This requires you to interview 2 people who have some knowledge in the field.Design those interviews beforehand to ensure comprehensive coverage of the topic, and a deeper understanding of the justifications for your choices/selections.
    4. No plagiarism!This program should be one that you devise yourself, no utilizing pre-existing programs
    5. Develop visual aids that explain otherwise complex aspects of the program.
    6. A paper that introduces the athlete and summarizes and explains, in detail with references, every aspect and choice made that went into this program; along with justifications for each decision, based off the literature and stakeholder insight.
    7. A reference page in proper APA format (I’m a stickler for proper APA format).Use the website PurdueOwl to ensure you are in proper APA format.Better yet, check with the research librarian on campus.

    Guidance for Student Evaluation

    Table 1. Critical Thinking Model and Guidance for Reflection


    Extent of Undergraduate Student Proficiency

    Does Not Meet Expectations

    Meets Expectations

    Exceeds Expectations

    Collection of Information

    Obvious gaps are present and it is unclear how and why the remaining collection methods were used.

    Better collection methods exist, or the extent of information collected does not adequately fulfill the project goal.

    The student collected empirical evidence and expert opinion that deeply informed their understanding of the topic.

    Judgment of Information

    Obvious gaps in judgment are present that lead to misunderstanding or inappropriate interpretations.

    Important elements are not considered and/or judgments exceed the limitations of the evidence.

    The student shows fair judgment of the information’s validity, value, and limitations.

    Utilization of Information

    Obvious gaps are present or information is inaccurate.

    Information is redundant, disorganized, or missing to the point that elements are not well-understood by the target audience.

    The information is delivered in a concise and comprehensive way that is easily understood by the target audience.

    Alignment with Project and/or Personal Purpose (Meaningfulness of Each Step)

    It is not clear how each action taken aligns with the goal of the project.

    Better methods of collecting, judging, and utilizing information exist.

    Each action and decision made aligns directly with the goal of the project.