Exactly like the other Julle Spira article..Read 4 short articles and use Julle Spira article to answer few short questions. APA

Exactly as before Using Jullie Spira article and two of the questions were answered on previous paper. Also what particuarly is the logic and reasoning of the argument and add in where appropriate. What is the nature of the inference? Add it in where appropriate. next looking at Jullie Spira’s article Does the argument contain or avoid bias? How? Provide specific details and a few examples to support explanation. Discuss the credibility of the overall argument. Is the resources upon which the argument is built credible? why or why not? Does the credibility support or undermine the article’s claims in any important ways? How?

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Go to it stillworks.com and type Traditional dating vs online dating by William Lynch then go to the guardian.com and type online dating is eroding humanity by John Walters 3rd article go to researchgate.net and type Wy would you decide to use a online dating site? Factor that lead to online dating by Tanya Kang and Lindsay Hoffman lastly Go to Research gate.com again and type Is online better than offline for meeting partners Depends are you looking to marry or date by Paul Atiti…. Scan the four short articles and need help answering below questions. read the four articles above make an alternative argument to the first claim being made by Jullie Spira’s article. Add a claim you are making in alternative argument…What could be the premises and then the conclusion of the argument? Is there evidence and the even additional research supporting the claim you are making in your argument? What is the logic and reasoning that you can use to advance the argument? Add in presuppositions, premises and the conclusion. What is the logic and reasoning of the argument? What are the beliefs or assumptions you are using and resources you are using?Are there any weaknesses in the argument that need more research or support? Also explain how your previously identified personal experience on the particular topic could create emotional influences, bias and values.