Evolving Technology

This project will require a light research on today’s emerging technology. Use the Internet and the textbook reading in this lesson to expand on this topic.

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Step 1: Compare and contrast two latest technology that has emerged or will be considered an emerging or new technology.

Step 2: Using APA standards and formatting, prepare an 8-10 page paper research paper outlining the following:

Describe in detail the two emerging or new technology that you have chosen.
How does this technology affect your daily life or society, in general?
What are some of the ethical issues that can arise or came up with this emerging technology?
Step 3: Aside from your light research, answer the following questions for each of the additional questions.

How does the Internet work?

How would you respond to an alert on a Smart Home?
On the cell phone industry, describe one software application that you have found very useful to your daily life.