evaluation memo on a collaborative report for a business writing class

Memo is addressed to our instructor. The prompt and the report are attached.

Here are something that I want to include: (not a complete list)

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For each weakness/disadvantage, provide some recommendation for future improvement.

1. Project analysis

use secondary and primary research (observation and interview)

By comparing Indonesian, Chinese, and Iranian workplace cultures to American, we want to establish a connection and provide insight into a multicultural workplace

The design- we talked about professional and personal coworker relationship and conflict resolution under each culture along with experience or intercultural interaction.

Unsuccesful aspect – even though the discussion of each culture is thorough, the organization made the report look like a combination of four different articles. (provide some recommendation for next time)


2. Team Collaboration Evaluation

Even though we are behind schedule, we still manage to finish our work

We are a diverse team, each of the member is responsible for the culture they represent.

Strength: each of us already has decent knowledge on the part assigned

weakness: we don’t really communicate on when we are doing our own part (and thats probably why the final product is not integral )

3. Team Performance Evaluation

All of them are responsible and open for feedback. Everyone has good attitude and is willing to make effort

Niki: responsible for Iranian part; gives a lot of ideas;

Shane: US; contribute to brainstorming; but sometimes can be a bit off topic,

Agus: Indonesia; didnt really contribute to brainstorming; but he still finish his part

Me: Chinese; I try to give feedback on the parts others wrote, to make sure we are on the same page;

Difficulty: It was really hard to settle down a specific topic since our topic assigned was so broad (workplace interaction). We changed back and forth; We settled down on coworker interaction, but at first everyone was not on the same page and had a different understanding on what to write. Some parts seem a bit off topic. But it helps to communicate and voice your opinion