Evaluating Evidence-Based intervention

For this assignment you will review the transcript provided below: The short paper is 2-3 pages that should include the following: Follow all APA guidelines and please no Plagiarism. All work must be sited.

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From the transcript. You will develop a list with 2-3 research questions that you would use to find evidence about the efficacy of 12 step programs or other treatments for substance abuse in adolescents. Search the NREPP Database search for two evidence-based interventions that would be appropriate for Tiffani Bradley. Be sure to explore the section related to quality of research, readiness for dissemination, replication and cost.

Summaries of the two interventions and their respective research regarding effectiveness.

Recommendations for Tiffanie’s social worker that address the following:

  • Factors to consider when choosing between the two interventions
  • The social worker skill that the staff would require to implement the intervention.
  • The training required to implement each intervention.

An evaluation of the usefulness of an evidence-based practice registry based on your reaction to the experience, in which you address the following question:

  • Would you , as a beginning researcher, have enough knowledge to benefit from using the NREPP register? Why or why not?
  • How might the research that you conducted increase your confidence in the intervention with Tiffani?
  • Is the information provided enough to make a decision regarding intervention ? Why or why not?


NEREPP website: https://www.nrepp.samhsa.gov/landing.aspx

Whittaker, J. K. (2009). Evidence-based intervention and services for high-risk youth: A North American perspective on the challenges of integration for policy, practice and research. Child & Family Social Work, 14(2), 166–177.

O’Connor, C., Small, S.A. & Cooney, S.M. (2007). Program fidelity and adaptation: Meeting local needs without compromising program effectiveness. What Works, Wisconsin Research to Practice Series, 4. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin– Madison/Extension.

– Extension. All of the briefs can be downloaded from www.uwex.edu/ces/flp/families/whatworks.cfm