Ethics and The Legal Environment Homework

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Many families choose to have one parent work only
part-time outside the home so that he or she can spend the remaining time
caring for the family. Sometimes this choice interrupts a career and results in
lower wages and lower lifetime earnings. As you explore this issue, please
consider sharing your own personal experience with work-life balance.

Valuing Diversity

According to sociologists, what is society’s image of
a good mother? A good father? How do those images impact how parents who chose
to balance their work life with family (i.e., work part-time) are viewed? What
type of legislation or market solution do you think would solve wage gaps due
to work-life balance decisions?


First read the transcript of the NPR story on workplace cheating.

  • Download and read ShirkingWork file:
  • 3 shrinking.pdf
  • Examine the following four areas of workplace privacy according to the
    guidelines listed below:
    • Drug testing
    • Email privacy
    • Telephone conversation privacy
    • Personal privacy

Topic: Workplace Privacy

What promotes the differing views managers and employees have on privacy issues?
What should a company have access to regarding an employee’s personal life, and
what is not reasonable? What kind of control should a company have of an
employee’s off-the-job behavior?