Ethical Leadership / Perceived Leader Integrity

Question (CXU11A) (Separate Paper) : Write your responses to the questions for the case you selected. Be thorough and specific. Analyze the impact of the ethical theories you chose on the case you selected.

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Note: Note: Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

Question (CXU11B) (Separate Paper) : Assignment 1: Perceived Leader Integrity As a leader, your ethics could be a central part of your leadership decisions, and as a result, could be a big part of how others judge your leadership skills. It might be helpful to assess where your ethics lie in regard to integrity in real-world settings. Having this measurable opportunity could help in determining where ethics lies in your leadership philosophy

Question (CXU11C) (Separate Paper) : Synthesize, evaluate, and apply concepts, theories, and
strategies related to leadership and organizational change. Use the completed
surveys and questionnaires contained in the course text and the results of the
surveys and questionnaires, and for this Research Paper.

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