Essay writing about Women combat

this is the topic i chose to write about Women combat please help me with it.

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Argument Structure

Ethos, pathos, logos — focus on
logos, but remember the others

I. Introduction

A. Hook — Dramatic quote, Dramatic statistic,
Antithesis, Anecdote B. Thesis Statement (claim)— position + because + reasons;
e.g. “Abortion is wrong because it takes lives, it prevents adoptions, and
it can harm the mother.” Make sure the sentence is parallel.

Il. Common Ground

A. the point at which opposing sides agree B.
definitions, history, process, problem.

Concessions can be placed in opposition/refutation


A. section
in which you present the reasons why you’re right

B. support
with expert opinion, statistics, studies, experiments, examples

IV. Opposition/Refutation

A. In
this section, anticipate your opponents’ objections; debate section.

B. Bring
up ONE opposition argument at a time and destroy it or at least minimize it.

C. Distinguish
your opposition from yourself, “my opponents say,” “some
argue,” or so and so says. Present opposition fairly. D. Again, use expert
opinion, statistics, studies, experiments, examples

V. Conclusion

A. tie
ideas together, draw to a close

B. Possible
methods – provide strong example, summarize, provide an alternative solution
(if you are attacking a plan)

* Use at
least seven credible sources; at least four must be database sources,

* Be
sure to include BOTH parenthetical citations and a works cited, which should
cite identical sources. Make sure that the name in the parentheses lines up
with the name on the “works cited.” Remember that the works cited
must be in alphabetical order.

* Use of an
approved topic, that is narrowly focused

Strong argumentative thesis statement
(remember to avoid “I think,” “I feel,” etc.; often, it is
good to follow this formula: position + reasons, e.g. “Capital punishment
is wrong because its failure to deter crime, promotes discrimination, and its
expense.” Some call this a “claim” + reasons for the claim.

* Data
used to support, rather than dominate your words; remember this must be YOUR
paper not a series of research strung together. You need data for both
opposition and refutation.

* Unified
paragraphs that focus on one thing; for example, one supporting reason why you
support stem cell research or a paragraph on the Geneva Convention definition
of torture. This also means use a strong, unifying topic sentence for each

* Be
logical, reasonable and avoid logical fallacies

‘ Make sure that research is
synthesized into the text of your paper; it must connect to your thesis, be
relevant, and credible. Writing must flow.

e Use transitions in and between paragraphs — but no
transition sentences

Be aware of history and recent events; do not
say, for example, that “there needs to be restrictions against steroids in
baseball,” when a ruling has already come out.

Include examples of a short quote and a block
quote BUT do NOT overuse quotes — no more than about 15% of paper; also include
paraphrase and summary, which also must be cited

Use proper punctuation, including, if necessary,
an ellipsis, etc.

Focus on reason (logos) but also pay attention to
ethos and pathos


During the semester, you are writing a number of essays with
a focus on specific rhetorical modes — profile, evaluation, and others. In
writing an essay according to the mode of argument, you are writing in such a
way as to promote an idea and using a variety of modes and evidence to make
your case.

Four basic categories of argument are the following:

1. What
is X? (e.g. “What is a fetus? Is it a human being?” or “VVhat is
sexual harassment?” )

2. What
do we do about X? (“What do we do to reduce the federal (or state) budget
deficit?” or “What should the United States do about the crisis in

What are the causes or the consequences of X?
(“What caused the rise in teen violence?” or “What can we do
about cyberbullying?”)

4. What
is the value of X? (“What is the value of the current healthcare bill? Is
it good or bad? (you would need to look at specific parts, e.g. forced purchase
of healthcare)” )

You are to write an
argumentative research paper which takes a position (states a claim) on a
non-cliché, controversial topic and follows these guidelines:

Length of 1500 — 2000 words (approximately five
— seven full pages) Variety of data — expert opinion, studies, statistics, etc.

Follows argument structure, including an
acknowledgement and argument against opponents (at least two opposition


+ Common ground




Proper MLA documentation (2017 edition)
withü”l the paper and on “Works Cited”; avoidance of plagiarism,
under penalty of an “F” in the course

Sufficient and convincing arguments

HOLED PAPER FOLDER (available in the bookstore. NO

The punch-holed section should include (in this order

Cover sheet (with original title)

Outline (representing the final draft — unmarked)

Final draft

Works Cited

In the pockets, include copies of two sample sources
(e.g. internet print-out),a (markedup) rough draft and peer review. Also
include the required information on interview or survey. Please note: I will
deduct a substantial amount ofpoints for missing items — 20 points EACHfor a
missing outline or works cited, 10 points for each of the other parts,
including missing sample sources.

This essay, the final draft, is worth 150 points.