​Essay : Research Paper

Essay : Research Paper

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Assignment: writing an 1500 word research paper. Select one of the Authors from your Backpack Literature Book to focus your research on.


Select your poems from the chapters. To help you develop your analysis answer the questions below based on your selected poems. Make sure to provide appropriate examples to support your ideas and explain your answers clearly.


Provide a short biography of the author you have selected

What genre of writing did they compose? Provide examples.

Other than the writings in your Literature Book, provide an example of work that the author has written that was turned into a movie or play. If neither, what book were they famous for?


3-5 typed, double-spaced pages (1500 words)

Minimum of three scholarly sources

At least three elements (introduction, body, conclusion)

MLA format (heading, header, font, size, etc.)

Works Cited page