Essay – References – Violence in Movies

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Part 1:  Primary Discussion Post

For this discussion, choose three sources that you might want to use for your final essay.  Essay will be about – Some have argued that violence shown in movies has impacted our society in a negative way. They find that corporate social responsibility should extend to the Hollywood studios and the organization that runs them to apply tougher ratings on violent movies, the producers for financially backing movies with excessive violence, and the movies theaters for showing movies with excessive violence. The same argument has been applied to the music industry and the video game industry. Based on the definition of corporate social responsibility, where do you see this argument fitting in the movie, recording, and/or video game industries?

  • A brief description of your chosen topic.
  • APA formatted references citation for all three of your chosen sources, listed in alphabetical order by author last name or article title if no author name is provided. 
  • Brief annotation paragraph for each source, placed below the citation.  In your annotation, provide the following:
    1. A brief summary of the article
    2. Explanation as to how the article relates to the argument you will be making in your essay.
    3. An explanation as to whether or not the source you have chosen seems to be reliable, such as whether it is from a peer reviewed article, scholarly or credible website, contains up-to-date information, and was written by an expert in the field.