Essay One-For Argumentative or Analytic Essays

In a 750 or more word essay (MLA format), make and prove a claim relating identity (or notion of self) to possessions/purchases/brands/fashion etc… Refer/relate your experiences to any of the ideas and examples from the texts we have covered in class (you may use as many as you like). Remember to use specific examples from your experiences and the texts.

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For Argumentative or Analytic Essays
1. The thesis is the litmus test for all the claims made in the body of the essay
2. Make claim, add support from text, explicate relationship between claim, support, and thesis
3. Note: claim offered in terms of the text
4. All claims (whether in support of thesis or used to refute opposing arguments) should “prove,” in specific terms, the thesis


The articles “We Are What We Buy” and “Buying the Self” stress the link between one’s identity and brands/possessions. These articles indicate that one “constructs” the extended self through the symbolic value of brands/possessions.

The articles “Are You What You Wear” and “Fashion and Social Identity” focus on how fashion expresses identity markers and shows group affiliation. The articles also explore the problems associated with fashion “speaking” for people.